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silicon nitride ceramic protection tubes


Silicon Nitride Ceramic

Product Category:

Ceramic Protection Tube

INNOVACERA manufactures a range of silicon nitride and advanced ceramic thermocouple protection sheaths for use in the aluminum and molten metal handling industries. They are an advanced ceramic tube offering outstanding performance for temperature control in aluminum foundries and smelters and are extremely cost-effective compared to competitive materials, such as cast iron, silicon carbide, and alumina. Its outstanding performance is in contact with non-ferrous molten metals, particularly aluminum and its alloys and zinc. They allow constant temperature monitoring of the melt resulting in improved quality of the finished casting.

The unique combination of physical properties:
Maximum temperature of 1400 “C in air
High strength, toughness
Excellent thermal shock resistance
Resistance to corrosion

For both, direct as well as indirect temperature sensing in molten metal (e.g. furnace wall or roof )
For temperature reading for low-pressure-die-casting machines (e.g. Aluminum wheel manufacturers)
For temperature measurements in non-ferrous launders or pouring troughs

Typical Size:

Length mm Outside Diameter mm Inside Diameter mm
200 28 16
300 28 16
350 28 16
400 28 16
450 28 16
500 28 16
600 28 16
700 28 16
800 28 16
900 28 16
1000 28 16
1100 28 16
1200 28 16
Silicon Nitride Ceramic Properties

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