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High precision silicon nitride ceramic balls and rollers


Silicon Nitride Ceramic

Product Category:

Ceramic Ball

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Ball has excellent properties including high hardness, high wearing resistance, good corrosion resistance, good electrical insulation, and magnetic insulation.

Because of its good gliding, it widely used on the bearings with extreme performance requirements, such as High-speed bearings, high precision bearings, vacuum bearing, high/low-temperature bearing, non-magnetic bearing, high precision ball screw; it is also used as valve ball, measuring ball for the chemical pump, heat pumps, metering pumps.

Regular products:
Type can be the high precision ball and grinding media ball
Grade includes G3,G5,G10,G16,G20,G50,G100
Other materials include Alumina, Zirconia ceramic balls

Main Characteristic:
High strength, fracture toughness and erosion resistance for improved durability
Helps extend the life of sucker rod pumps, bearings
Withstands extreme temperatures of deepwater environments
Weighs 60% less than steel with significant friction reduction
Provides high contact fatigue resistance
Offers temperature resistance up to 1100°C

Required Properties and its Application examples:
High speed: Machining tools: turbochargers, HDD spindle motors
Corrosion-resistant: Chemical plant equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment
High temperature: Heat treatment furnace parts
High vacuum Turbo molecular pumps
High insulation: Electric motors
Ultra-low temperature: Turbo pumps for space shuttles

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Properties

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