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silicon nitride ceramic substrate


Silicon Nitride Ceramic

Product Category:

Ceramic Substrate

INNOVACERA silicon nitride substrates, with a thermal conductivity rating of 90 Watts/meter Kelvin, at first glance, appear inferior to Aluminum Nitride grades from the standpoint of heat dissipation. However, Silicon Nitride substrates, due to their far superior mechanical properties, can provide thermal resistance levels comparable to Aluminum Nitride. These impressive mechanical an excellent choice in applications where severe, repetitive thermal cycling of the circuit/package is present.

Main Characteristic:
High Bending Strength about Twice as high as Alumina and Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Substrate
High Thermal Conductivity about Three Times Higher than Alumina and ZTA substrate
Excellent Insulation Properties, High Dielectric Breakdown Voltage, High Surface Resistivity / Volume Resistivity
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) Close to Silicon

General Application:
Circuit Substrate
Heat Spreader

General Dimension:

Item Unit Specification
Standard Size inch 4.5’’-5.5’’
Tolerance ±1.0% NLT:±0.1mm
Thickness mm 0.25~0.635
Tolerance ±10% NLT:±0.04mm
Silicon Nitride Ceramic Properties

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