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Alumina CeramicSilicon Carbide Ceramic

Product Category:

Porous Ceramic

Microporous ceramics replace other materials for the electronics industry, such as e-cigarettes, semiconductors, and other automotive industries. Due to typical characteristics that passing liquid or gas through, absorption, liquid storage, high-temperature resistance, combined with metal materials,


  • Porous ceramics are made by alumina and silicon carbide, color includes white, light brown, dark brown, blue-gray
  • The geometry of the microporous ceramic elements ranges from the round, square, oval shape, or irregular shapes and sizes.
  • Pore sizes are from 1um to 200um, Porosity rate: 30~55%
  • Custom size is available for us

Main features:

  • Controlled pore size, porosity, and permeability
  • Gas and liquid through
  • Good absorption
  • Liquid storage
  • high strength
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Corrosion resistance

Typical Application:

  • Elements for E-cigarette
  • Atomization tablets, humidifiers, hydration instruments, beauty, medical, aromatherapy, and other atomization
  • Components in wafer cutting equipment
  • Nano-membrane supports for sensor

Our technical team provides solutions according to customer requirements and cooperates in the development of new projects.

Porous Ceramic Properties

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