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INV-07 Single-head Valveless Ceramic Plunger Pump For Filling Machine


Alumina CeramicSilicon Carbide CeramicZirconia Ceramic

Product Category:

Ceramic Pump

INV-07 adopts programmable controller and touch screen man-machine dialogue, convenient parameter setting, stable and reliable performance. Suitable for high-end micro-precision liquid medium metering filling, adding, injecting the liquid, spraying, marking. The valveless design is adopted, the flow rate is extremely stable, and the flow accuracy is within five thousandths; the pump core material is made of special industrial ceramics, which has the characteristics of high strength, wear resistance, acid, and alkali corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and long service life. No waste, no bubbles, no leakage, no liquid, no blockage.

Application areas:
(1). Scientific research institutes, laboratories, colleges and universities, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, cosmetics factory, etc.
(2). Widely applied to precision quantitative filling of industries such as medicine, pharmacy, food, chemistry cosmetics, etc.
(3). Used for precision quantitative filling of liquids such as blood, biological reagent, oral liquid, injection liquid, senior cosmetics, fragrance, fungicide, etc.
(4). Used for precision quantitative filling of all kinds of acid-alkali corrosive liquid.

(1). Man-machine interface operation, the internal and external signal exchange, and intelligent control; High purity ceramic pumps.
(2). High-purity ceramic pump, 304 stainless steel appearance.
(3). High-precision quantitative dispensing of liquids.

Technical Data:

Model INV-07
Material Plunger, pump cavity set (alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide) + Pump Jacket (Stainless Steel 304L)
Power supply AC220V     50/60Hz 80W
Throughput/rev 0.3ml/rev
Filling accuracy  /spinning speed ≤±0.5%/0-600RPM
Placement angle/ throughput pressure 15°/0.6MPa
Maximum   suction height 4m
Maximum   throughput 180 ml/min
Filling   times per minute 0-50 (Time/min)
Weight/Dimensions of mainframe 3.5kg/34×13×23cm
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