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High precision valveless ceramic pump


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Ceramic Pump

INNOVACERA uses modern engineering ceramic materials and uses ceramic metallization bonding, welding, inlaying, and socket technology to assemble and shape. INV-22 valveless ceramic pump has the characteristics of high precision measurement accuracy, simple operation, easy disassembly, installation, disinfection, and cleaning. Using the characteristics of ceramics to resist acid, alkali, high temperature and wear, the ceramic pump produced can be durable and stable, that is, cold The heat is not easy to be stuck, and the service life is greatly improved compared with the stainless steel pump, which meets GMP standards.

Application areas:
(1). Research institutes, laboratories, universities, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, cosmetics, etc.
(2). Widely used in the pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetics industry, precision quantitative filling.
(3). For the precise quantitative filling of blood, biological reagents, oral liquid, injection, high-grade cosmetics, essence, fungicide, and other liquids.
(4). Precision quantitative filling for various acid-alkaline corrosive liquids.

Filling range and advantages:
(1). According to different filling ranges, a variety of pump head specifications are available.
(2). Reasonable structure layout, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, more convenient and convenient in maintenance and maintenance;
(3). All the contact materials of this machine are made of SS316L and high-purity ceramics, which have good resistance to acid and alkali corrosion.

The amount of filling debugging
For each filling material, the filling amount needs to be adjusted. The specific operation is as follows:
(1). First, discharge the air to ensure that the inlet is filled with the material to be filled;
(2). Prepare the measuring cup, the electronic balance scale, and check whether the measuring cup and the electronic balance scale are accurate;
(3). If the angle is adjusted and the angle does not change, the filling amount will not change, and the user may not need to re-measure.

The use of parameters

Model INV-22
Material Plunger / Pump Cavity (Alumina 99.7%) + Pump Jacket (Stainless Steel 316L)
Single rotation plunger amount 0.5 – 5ml/rev
Speed (depending on the filling liquid viscosity) 0.5ml, the speed is 50-200 rpm 5ml, the speed is <45 rpm
Filling accuracy ±0.5%
Drive mode Electric (stepper motor)
Net amount 8kg
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