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Beryllia Ceramic Part For Microwave Communication Systems And Microwave Ovens


Beryllium Oxide Ceramic

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Customized Ceramic Components

As we have known, beryllia ceramics are the smart choice for protecting advanced electronics and communications technology, BEO ceramics have high thermal conductivity (more than 230 W/M.K), good electrical resistivity, low dielectric constants, and very low dielectric loss, large heat dissipation, and good mechanical strength.

Due to high and low power RF and microwave radar systems require low dielectric constants and very low dielectric loss and beryllia ceramics is transparent to microwaves, so BEO ceramic is most often the material selected for these microwave communication systems and microwave ovens requirements, such as BEO ceramic part can be used as microwave communication systems and high power industrial microwave oven’s windows, radomes, and antennas and so on.

Beryllium oxide ceramic part advantages:

  • High melting point
  • Low dielectric constant
  • High electrical resistivity
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Easy and effective metallization
  • More consistent heat dissipation
  • Low coefficients of thermal expansion
  • Better uniformity of crystalline structure
  • Superior thermal conductivity(equivalent to aluminum)
  • More durable in semiconductor chamber cleaning environments

Beryllium oxide ceramics are one of the most important and necessary basic materials for electric vacuum devices, power electronic modules, especially high-power microelectronic devices.

Application is as below:

  • Nuclear Reactors
  • High power electronics
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Avionics conversion circuits
  • Microwave communications
  • Transmitters for radio frequency
  • Oil and gas exploration equipment
  • Long-range fiber optic transmission
  • Medical Industry such as eye surgery
  • Magnetic resonance imaging machines
  • Missile guidance systems in the military industry
  • Industrial laser metal-cutting and marking equipment
  • Airplane and satellite communications systems in the aerospace field
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