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Ceramic Heater Eelement


Alumina Ceramic

At first of all, we need to know about ceramics. The ceramic heater is made of non-metal materials—Alumina.

This material is also known as refractory materials that are standing with high temperatures without any deformation and without any change in shape. It leads to making the heater life longer.
The ceramic also has a very lower conductivity of electric and high conductivity of heat.

Now we can see PTC and MCH heaters in the market.

PTC heater:
As the room heats up, it automatically will reduce its input. While the element should self-regulate, I would look for one that also includes a high-temperature limit control that will shut the elements off in the event of an abnormal condition. Look at the wattage of a heater to make a comparison. Heaters can be rated up to 1500 Watts in the US and still have a 15 Amp plug and fit into the outlets in one’s house. If you want to heat a room, get a convection type. If you plan on being more or less in one spot, you may want to consider a radiant heater. One word of caution no matter what type or wattage of a heater you get…make sure when you plug in the heater, the outlet is tight, such that the plug does not droop or is easily moved up and down. Replace the outlet. If not, it could cause significant heating at the outlet and may result in a fire.

MCH heater:
MCH heater is also called high-temperature co-fired ceramics. The ceramic heating element is made up of high melting point metal heating material such as tungsten. The based material is 95% alumina ceramic. The metal heating resistance slurry is printed onto the tape casting ceramic green body according to the design requirement, several layers of the ceramic green body are then laminated together and are fired at 1500-1600℃ high temperature, with the aid of 4-8% sintering additive, to form the alumina ceramic heating element. This product features in corrosion-resistant, withstanding high temperature, long life cycle, energy-efficient, uniform surface temperature, excellent thermal conductivity, and thermal compensation rate. Alumina ceramic heating element doesn’t contain harmful substances such as lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, etc., and it is in compliance with EU RoHS and other environmental requirements.


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