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Zirconia Plunger Piston


Zirconia Ceramic

Do you know which kind of material is better, high-pressure ceramic plunger or a metal plunger?
If you don’t have an accurate answer, then please see the following group of comparisons:

PropertyZirconia ( Y-TZP )Metal
Compressive Strength25001000
Specific Heat40012
Max Use Temperature1500800
  1. The ceramic plunger uses high-performance ceramic materials, which has the characteristics of higher hardness, more wear resistance, higher temperature resistance and more corrosion resistance than metals.
  2. The working surface of the ceramic plunger adopts unique processing methods to make it self-lubricating.
  3. The structure of the pump body adopts a fine seal with the product structure, which is more convenient for disassembly.

Compared with the metal plunger, the high-pressure ceramic plunger is not only more durable, but also better in use, and can meet some special working conditions under the application requirements.

As a professional supplier of precision ceramics, Innovacera is committed to providing customers with ceramic metallization and precision ceramic parts.

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