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Aluminum Nitride Plate
Aluminum Nitride Plate
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ALN Ceramic Parts
Aluminum Nitride PlateAluminum Nitride PartsAluminum Nitride RodALN PARTSALN Ceramic Parts


Aluminium Nitride Ceramic

Aluminum nitride (AlN) is the best material to use if high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties are required. Due to its thermal expansion coefficient close to silicon and excellent plasma resistance, it can be used to manufacture semiconductor processing equipment and medical equipment parts.

Features of Aluminum Nitride (ALN):
1. High thermal conductivity.
Its thermal conductivity is nearly 7 times higher than alumina ceramics.
2. High electrical insulation
3. High Strength
4. Corrosion resistance
5. Halogen plasma resistance
6. Low thermal expansion, close to the thermal expansion coefficient of silicon

INNOVACERA aluminium nitride (ALN) properties
INNOVACERA aluminium nitride (ALN) properties


Aluminum Nitride, Hot Press Sintered Aluminum Nitride , Pressureless Sintered Aluminum Nitride
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