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Advanced Ceramics Exhibition

ACE 2020
10th International Advanced Ceramics Exhibition
Date: 7/1/2020 – 7/3/2020
Venue: KINTEX, Seoul, South Korea

Concurrent Expo: Nano Korea 2020 – International Nanotech Symposium & Nano-Convergence Expo in Korea

The International Advanced Ceramics Exhibition with NANO KOREA is so aware of the importance and ramification of cutting-edge new-technology, that the government invested in research and development for the past 15 years in order to nurture the technology in earnest.

Exhibit Categories

  • Electric, electrical, or optical ceramics
    Package for the integrated circuit, functional package, substrate (back substrate), wiring board, insulator, sensor compound semiconductor, electrode, fuel cell, heating element, MLCC, thermistor, varistor, superconductivity part, ionic conducting glass, etc.
  • Machine structural ceramics
    WC tool, cermet tool, ceramic tool, diamond tool, CBN tool, coating/metal hardware, coating/WC hardware, coating/other members, particulate material treatment equipment, pump, liquid treatment equipment, paper manufacturing equipment, textile equipment, wear-resistant member, etc.
  • Thermal or nuclear energy ceramics
    Spark plug, engine member, rocket, space shuttle member, 0000, thermal treatment equipment, high-temperature C/C structural member, 0000, heater, blackout tool, gas inlet, shaft, tube, dorm, arm, member for semiconductor manufacture, member related to nuclear energy, heat-resistant/insulating member, composite member, etc.
  • High-performance glass
    photosensitive glass, strengthened glass, optical glass, thermal glass, porous glass, bulletproof glass, heat-insulating glass, semiconductors, mobile glass
  • Biological or vital ceramics
    Concentration sensor, catalyst carrier, ceramic filter, corrosion-resistant vessel, distillation tower-filling materials, filter aid, desiccant, deodorant, bio-nuclear energy, biomaterial, cosmetics/bathroom wares/pharmaceuticals, ceramic materials related to machines, miscellaneous articles (jewelry), etc.
  • Oxide
    Alumina, silica, zirconia, titania, barium titanate, ferrite, aluminum hydroxide, etc.
  • Non-oxide
    Silicon carbide, boron nitride, aluminum nitride, graphite and carbon solid, composite materials, rare earth elements, etc.
  • Equipment/process related to manufacture
    Raw material process, forming process, sintering process, processing process, evaluation technique, ceramic welding, metalizing, corrosion-preventing coating, fireproof material drying, ultrasonic wave processing, annealing fusing furnace, CVD device, electronic gilding equipment, extruding machine, hydraulic equipment, injection molding equipment, thermal spraying equipment, ultrasonic wave processing equipment, electric furnace, roaster kiln, etc.


Advanced Ceramics Exhibition
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